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Can you believe it??? Starting June 1st, you can stay for free at Serendipity Mountain in the Cascades!!?!!! Jason, thanks loads for the great tip! This might turn out to be one of the coolest benefits of Brigada yet! To learn more about Jason’s “find”, just go to or write Dick — beginning June 1st. So, to review, that’s room, lodging, year-round activities, and seminars all for the same price…$ 00.00! I’d love to hear back once someone stays there! Thanks again Jason!


graduation cap Check out CORNERSTONE Centre for Intercultural Studies’ new site — (or email There’s still time to sign up for the English For Missions course that takes place from 17 July – 11 August 2000 and you can apply online.


graduation cap Program in Language Acquisition Techniques will offer a special summer east coast training session August 21-30 in Union Mills, NC. PILAT provides a wide variety of language learning techniques, trains the ear to hear, and prepares the mouth to reproduce sounds of other languages. Learn to become pro-active in language learning and acquire a Language Learning Kit filled with resources to help master language learning. Fills early so register soon. The instructors are Dwight and Barbara Gradin of MTI. Contact the Center for Intercultural Training at 800-887-1786 or for more info or hit the web at


books John M. O’Malley’s ‘must-have’ book list (originally mentioned in ‘MUST READ’ BOOK LIST” in the 12 May 1999 edition of Brigada Today) has moved to There are tons of great books listed there. . . For honesty’s sake . . . one should note that John’s ministry gets a “share” of the sales off the site . . . but hey… he’s entitled to something for compiling all those links to! :-)


People Teams An unreached people group in Thailand’s Northeast region (Isaan), the over 500,000 Kui do not know Christ. They are most known for their elephant hunting abilities. Less than 10 villages have Christians, leaving hundreds more with no witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Kui are animistic in religion and culture, yet Thailand’s national religion, Buddhism, is instrumental in keeping the Kui blind from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ name, pray for victory in the spiritual battle where the Kui are engulfed with animistic beliefs and the entrapment of Buddhism. Please pray for the production of a Jesus Film in the Kui language. Remember Kui Christians and pray that they would fervently share their faith, despite criticism. For more information email Edward at or visit


cd-rom If Free CD For Third World Pastors” threw you for a looper last week, try this URL instead: We apologize for any inconvenience. The item was provided to us with a typo (“htto” instead of http).


WebWatch Want a free website for your church or mission? Check out It’s probably the best free service.


Beiks Software is the producer of BDicty, a muiltilanguage dictionary program for devices that use the Palm Operating System (Palm, Handspring, TRG Pro, IBM Workpad). A large variety of language lexicons are available, including Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. The public version of BDicty is free, as are demonstration versions of the language lexicons. The commercial version of BDicty is available for $10, and the lexicons range in price from $8 to $15. The best deal is to purchase the entire language library for only $69. All items, whether free or for purchase, are available for download at the Beiks website. For more information visit or write Thanks Larry!


I’ve told you about how I’m just back from a Muslim nation in Africa. While there, I came across a young believe we’ll call Isaac [not his real name]. The story of how he came to know Christ is awesome. It all started when a gal from Sweden began serving at an orphanage some 20 years ago in his homeland. After years of laboring there, she was forced to evacuate when tensions arose in her town. It tore at her heart though! Who would take care of the children? Not knowing what else to do, she spent her last 4 days training one of the more mature young men, a 19-year-old, to become the director. She had taught him from age 12. For over 7 years, she had invested in prayer, Bible story-telling, and love. Now, only time would tell if he could pull off this challenge. With some 85% of the city destroyed, she had to escape.

Years later, she came back to the orphanage. The young man was much wiser, much more experienced, and . . . a very successful children’s home director. That young man was Isaac. Through her simple gospel testimony, many prayers, and years of witness, he accepted Christ. Now he’s 30 years old and his testimony is a powerful witness to other Muslims in his land. He’s taken part in special training programs and, through God’s power, about 20 other Muslims have become believers! So his group just might represent the world’s largest worshipping body of his people group — in the whole world! (Of course, there are probably only 4 or 5 “churches” from his people group anywhere in the world, as far as our research shows so far.) That makes this a Muslim “mega- church” for his group! :-) Praise the Lord for the faithfulness of that worker from Sweden!


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