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Are you STILL searching for a way to order Johnstone’s new book, The Church is Bigger than you Think“? Try writing WCN@XC.Org [WorldChristian Bookstore, a ministry of YWAM Communications] or [Mission Frontiers’ book order address at the US Center]. (Remember that Brigada does not recommend sending credit card information via open Internet email, however; so get a fax number or … take your changes.) The MF people have already set their price at $10 for USA addresses and $12 for all others, with an 8-12 week wait. But I’m tellin’ you, . . . it’s worth the wait. It really is a well-done book. ‘Course, would you expect anything else from Patrick? :-) Ralph Winter said last week, “I have no hesitation in saying that it is the best single-volume introduction to the entire cause of missions. It is sparkling and readable but comprehensive and very wise. It undoubtedly gives more balanced insight, and at the same destroys more popular misunderstandings, than any other book. Its 26 chapters are beautifully designed for two thirteen-week Sunday School programs.” Hmmm. Do you think he likes it? :-)


Shall we gather at the river? Actually, the resort hotel in Phoenix where The Antioch Network Annual Gathering is taking place DOES have a river — a “lazy river” like a water park. You can ride all afternoon in an innertube, if you like. Or swim in any one of 8 different pools! Or… do something novel like attend “tracks” or workshops or whatever. I finally decided to throw my hat into the ring (I’ll be helping with the Bosnia track and moderating a case study Saturday night. Why not come out to Phoenix and let’s sip a root beer in the lazy river! :-)) Antioch Network staffer Gary Wittevrongel says this one “is promising to be our biggest and most active gathering ever. The Tracks are gaining momentum and we have an impressive lineup of speakers and participants.” Registration is $150 (as of this weekend). For info or to register,
call 602-242-4414
fax 602-242-0416
web and see what’s happening!


lighting the way Thanks to all those who answered with info. regarding the Int’l Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (Last week’s item, ARE YOU CURIOUS IDOP?). The date is Nov. 15 and has all kinds of additional info. Apparently you can also get a promotion kit that includes a video, magazine, program materials, prayer map and brochure.


If you’re been looking for the best computerized Bible, several Brigada participants are big supporters of the Online Bible at so you might want to check ’em out. Windows AND MAC versions are available. If you’re a missionary, you can get a discount if you call 800-243-7124 (in the USA or via Net2phone) and talk with a human. MAC versions are available directly from (Thanks David!)


When it’s ajar, that’s when. And that’s exactly what Dave Nesmith wants to quantify. Specifically, he’s trying to determine a good definition and practical documentation on which parts of which countries are “closed” to traditional missions. As such, they can only be entered “creatively.” Write Dave at if you’d like to engage in dialogue.


Dick Gaffney knows. He asked for leads on sources for humanitarian aid. You can retrieve his one-page report


That’s what we want to know. Where do missionaries shop for everything they need to buy! Walter Birney sparked the question when he forwarded this note from a missionary in Mozambique: “I am interested in groups that can help me get an inexpensive 4×4 vehicle. I know some companies specialize in helping missionaries. Other items of interest involve camping supplies (tents, water purifiers), solar water heaters, solar power supplies, computer info (desk top publishing, tracking donors, finances, scanners, copiers), satellite phones, security systems, medical insurance, medical supplies, travel agencies, portable sound systems, video projectors, shipping companies. There are probably companies that specialize in equipping missionaries in most of these areas.” Some of these have been mentioned before in previous Brigada Today issues. But Walter is willing to assemble “The Mother of All Missionary Source Lists” so we can then publish it for everyone to utilize. So… come one, come all, and tell Walter your best source… for the whole world’s sake! Vendors — don’t be shy! Give Walter your best shot! Here’s your chance! Write today!


Seems like the fast-paced Internet shouldn’t be a platform for orthodoxy, but it is! To subscribe to info. on Orthodoxy, send an e-mail to:

In the body of the e-mail type:
subscribe orthodoxnews

Or view the Orthodox World News Archives online at:



Max is a missionary high on MATS . . . He advises us to call MATS International for ministry pricing on purchasing or leasing vehicles. 15-passenger church vans, minivans, pastors sedans, etc. If your work is with the church (including mission boards, colleges, etc.) they are there to help save you money. New, almost new, and used with many different makes and models.
Phone 765-776-7211
fax 765-962-9966
write 4444 National Road East
Richmond, IN 47374.


Now’s the time to tank up on Medical Ambassadors’ TOT I training, to be held near Kazan September 7-11, 1998. This is for ex-pats (multiple representation from teams is best) and Russian-speaking nationals. Costs are not yet completely determined, pending number of participants, etc. So, if you are interested, please let us know numbers ASAP…details can be firmed up later. We’ll try to keep this as cheap as possible to make it a accessible to all…especially local participants. Would a cost of $180 per person for all conference expenses plus room and board be too much for your group? Please respond by August 20, 1998 giving details of who will be participating from your group/area to Frank Yamrick at or to Jonathan Young at


lighting the way Okay, so I was wrong. That’s it. I quit. I can’t take it any longer. :-) Just kidding. But I did apparently muff up a date. The first course in Punjabi is a 3-month-long Punjabi Language course that BEGINS September 1998 and ENDS November 1998. (Our statement said it would BEGIN November 1998 — “WANT TO BRUSH UP ON YOUR PUNJABI???” from last week. Oops. :-) Sorry!


[This item offered without commentary, because I’m still trying to figure out my philosophy on it.]
According to George Kern, “Pray Central Florida” is currently evaluating prayer walking and house of prayer software packages. George wrote this past week, “The intended uses include tracking prayer walking of Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties (FL, USA), and possibly coordinating Houses of Prayer. An additional use may be Spiritual Mapping. We are looking at the prayer walking first but if the other uses can be supported in the same program that would seem to be the most efficient way to go. We are currently looking at two programs, one by the Mapping Center For Evangelism in Kansas (Chris Cooper – 888-MAP-7997, ) and the other by Agape Systems in Melbourne, Florida (877-548-4522, ). If you know of any other programs we should consider, please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you. Also, I would love to hear from some cities that have been successfully prayer walked – how did you do it, what did God do afterward, etc. “The best resource I know about for stories that have happened after prayer walking: that “Window Watchmen” series by CIN. They’re a compilation of reports and stories from each of the “Praying Through the Window” efforts (Oct. ’93, ’95, and ’97). To get a copy of Window Watchmen 1, 2 or 3, just write CIN at


Attention all you guys with Palm Pilots or Palm III or whatever they call them now. David Wegener was kind enough to go to the web to hunt down some great resources for language learning that you can now plug into your 3Com PalmPilot Personal. [Thanks David!] He wrote this past week, “Each language is $12, and if you get more than one, there is a discount. The URL is and they have Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hangman + Wheel of Treasure, and a Thesaurus. The hangman game sounds good to me. Now who can find the same offerings for Windows/CE? That’s what I want to know. Here I am with a new Philips Nino 312 and I find out I’ve bought the wrong gizmo! :-) Oh well. Take heart all you 3COM folks. Looks like you’re still edging Microsoft out . . . for NOW anyway. :-)


Now here’s an interesting concept. Pay a flat fee of $2000 and get a Bachelors Degree! That’s it! Check it out. Bethany College of Missions We have it straight from the mouth of the Dean, who wrote this past week, “For 50 years Bethany College of Missions in Bloomington MN has been equipping aspiring missionaries to share Christ cross-culturally . … We offer a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in Cross-Cultural Studies and a 1 and 2 year Special Student program for those with undergraduate degrees or extensive vocational or ministry experience. Financing a missions education leaves many potential missionaries in debt for years. This is why we have pursued many resource ventures to supplement our students’ costs thereby keeping our fees very low. For a one-time entrance fee of $2,000.00 a student can become a part of our missions-minded Christian community, receive 4 years of cross-cultural ministry training and earn a Bachelors Degree. Our program which balances study with real-life ministry is not geared exclusively to college-aged singles. Married students and families are also a welcome part of our student body. At this time we still have some openings for Fall 1998 (Orientation begins August 24). If you know of potential students who are heading toward missions, or if you yourself are in a transitional stage and would like additional training in cross-cultural studies, please drop us a line!” Write Paul or Chris at or call (800)323-3417 if you’re in the USA or have access to Net2Phone.


world globe There are currently 14,785,000 individuals who profess the Jewish faith in over 81 countries with the largest populations in the US, Israel, France, and Russia. There are about 132,000 Jewish believers in 25 countries embracing Jesus as their Messiah, Savior and Coming King! That leaves 56 countries home to Jews with no Jewish believers among them.
(Source: Frontier Mission Update, 3 Jul 1998, David Bogosian, Research Director, USCWM, Global Adopt-A-People Campaign )
Global Glimpse is compiled each week by John Hanna of Caleb Project, Littleton, CO.


WebWatch Carol Nevin is a Marriage & Family Therapist . . . but in her spare time, she’s also an Internet Researcher! She wins the prize this week for the most helpful web sites for missionaries. Free New York Times!! She pointed out to us recently that The New York Times has eliminated the special subscription fee for overseas users and alerted us to their much-improved homepage redesign. Then she went on to pass along an innovative site where you can HEAR Christian Radio of WMBI, the radio station of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL. And you thought there weren’t any Christian radio stations in your part of the Middle East! :-) Finally, she also explained how to “do multi-engine searches from the regrettably named website of . It does work very well. I use it all the time in my Internet Research work.” Again … pardon the name.


Grace has tons of resources she’s willing to share. You’ll need to establish your identity with her first. . . but if the table of contents is any kind of indication of the energy she’s poured into her collection, Whew!!! blinking1eyes So if you’re into personnel stuff, RUN don’t walk… to talk to her about getting access.


Are you interested in the indigenous peoples of America? … or any other part of the world, for that matter? Mark Oct 21-25 on your calendar, then contact for information on a special conference in Alaska. According to organizers, “This seminar will present clear and biblical perspectives that answer difficult questions about culture and Christianity. The materials will show how to maintain God-given integrity in Native cultural expressions.” (Thanks Grace!)


Mrs. Ruth M. Scherer is doing a research project for COMIBAM about the educational options for Latin American missionaries’ kids around the world. If you can put her in contact with someone who can provide information on the following four areas, please contact her in Spanish or English at
  1. Information about correspondence courses in Spanish for grades K-12.
  2. Information about self-contained English courses for children ages 2-5 which can be administered by non-English speaking missionary parents.
  3. Missionaries from Latin America or other non-English speaking countries willing to tell about their experiences in educating their children on the field.
  4. Self-supporting teachers, fluent in Spanish, willing to go overseas to teach children of Latin American missionaries.




[Believe it or not, someone actually asked for this.] Here goes:
  • November, 1994 — Doug Lucas is asked to serve as president of an annual missionary convention for the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. He and several cohorts, including coworker, Eric Derry, begin holding focus groups in various sites around the country, with the hopes of learning how to maximize the impact of the event, scheduled for Nov., 1996, in Lexington, KY.
  • December, 1994 — The “handwriting is already on the wall.” The focus groups urge Doug and Eric to focus on action and outreach through the event. Doug and Eric go to the planning board. They learn about Praying Through the Window (the 100 Gateway Cities) and are fascinated by a) the potential and b) how hard it would be to find out what others are doing in other parts of the world (to avoid needless duplication and encourage intra-project sharing). They poll some 50 mission specialists about ways and means of information-sharing and, in the process, learn about MAFxc (at that time, known as CrossConnect).
  • January, 1995 — Doug opens an MAFxc account and begins a rapid ramp-up on email conferencing. There are probably some “lost editions” of Brigada Today that will never be recovered from this period. :-(
  • February 18, 1995 — The earliest copy of Brigada Today that we have on hand . . . but already there are 38 participants. In addition, there are dozens of conference participants in 10-20 other email conferences already taking hold.
  • March, 1995 — GCOWE ’95 is shaping up to be a landmark event for mobilization. Doug is invited because of the promise of Brigada and the possibilities of the event in Lexington.
  • April, 1995 — Some 300 faxes about the Brigada concept are sent out to various participants scheduled to attend GCOWE ’95. As far as anyone can remember, this is the only true “marketing” ever formally done in the name of Brigada. All other growth has thus far been through word of mouth . . . and keyboard . . . by participants themselves.
  • May, 1995 — Daily updates from GCOWE ’95 stream back from Seoul. The Joshua Project 2000 ideas are shaped. The first “list” of least reached peoples is presented . . . in the shadow of quite a lot of controversy over which groups were included and which ones weren’t. Stats were also questioned. AD2000 & Beyond decided to revise the list as quickly as possible.

[to be continued next week :-) ]


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