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The International Journal of Frontier Missions (IJFM) has recently published a very important Special Edition focused on Tentmaking and the Frontiers. Authors are Phill Butler, Bob Morris, Heinz Suter and Marco Gmur, Dwight Nordstrom and Jim Nielsen, Sabrina Wong, Gary Taylor, David Hagen, Doug Lucas, Kitty Purgason, Patrick Lai and others. If you’re not a subscriber to IJFM and you would like to receive a free copy, send your address to IJFM: Editor Dr. Hans Weerstra at the following address: and you will receive a review copy of this Special Edition free of charge. Note: Funds are limited, so we can only honor the first 300 or so who request it. You can also request your free copy by regular snail mail or by phone or fax:
7665 Wenda Way
El Paso TX, 79915
Phone: 915-775-2464
Fax 915-775-8588
This is a one-time offer . . . and any follow-up questions can be sent directly to Hans at the address above. Thanks to IJFM for making this exclusive courtesy offer to Brigada readers!


Join with the Gospel Enterprise crew as they “Boldly go where the Gospel has never gone before”. The Gospel Enterprise missions drama is a take off of the original “Star Trek” television series. With a cast of six main characters, the announcer and four bit parts, key trends and vital information regarding world evangelization is communicated through this funny, cutting edge 25-minute drama. Learning about the various barriers missionaries face as they go overseas. Some of the topics covered include: reaching international students, partnering with national Christians and taking short-term trips into the 10/40 window. Cost is $15 which includes script, overhead transparency copies (also available on PowerPoint disk), and shipping. To order contact… Kevin Guttman tel. 719-260-8888, fax 260-7505. Sounds like fun. “I’m givin’ her all she’s got, Cap’n!” :-)


Now there’s a new genre of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that are attempting to provide you with a kickback if you’re a mission org or ministry. Check out Integrity Online, 888-771-3414 or 317-638-5575 in the Indianapolis, IN, area. They reportedly give $10 to each non-profit for each new person signed-up — network marketing style. Or, with perhaps an even more lucrative deal, write Frank Dickerson at Intersafenet, who says he gives a $2/mo. “gift” (otherwise known as a kickback) to the referring non-profit. What does this mean? Well, to put it short, it could mean BUCKS to your mission work. If there are 100 people who sign up for Internet access because they want to keep in touch with you, then all of a sudden, you’re churning in $200/month! But — (read the fine print) — keep in mind that if the service goes belly up or performs like a sloth (how do sloths really perform?), you might catch some of the bad feeling because you were the one recommending them. My experience with these “network marketing” schemes is that you should step VERY carefully indeed.

[disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer] That having been said, if you have folks who need Internet access, and these people do their jobs, . . . hey — you could pick up some extra support for just being the marketing arm for Frank and “Intersafenet.” :-)



lighting the way Apologies to GMI. In last week’s item ” AS “THE WORLD” TURNS,” we mistakenly used the email of the GMI volunteer who had corresponded with us regarding the GMI CD, “Operation World Plus.” As it turns out, she’s only there short-time. So the preferred email address for corresponding with GMI concerning the new Op. World CD (or any other issue, for that matter) would be something more generic like


If you missed the movie, now you can at least catch the web site (though the two are by no means the same). “Out of Africa” features missions mobilization resources, assembled by a prof. at Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa and even offers a spot for signing up for a free email alert when the site is updated. Check it out at


world globe Reports of modern resurrections have found their way out of Ethiopia. A report came from the city Atad, where a Christian minister went to visit a hospital, inquiring if he could pray for anyone. He found a dead woman there on a stretcher with her extended family around her weeping. After helping family members arrange for the burial he felt an urging to do more and began to pray for the woman. Some relatives became upset, but one relative, a Christian, encouraged them to step out briefly and also joined in praying. The woman opened her eyes and sat up and her family returned rejoicing. This Christian relative was then asked to teach them all about Jesus.
(Source: DAWN Europe FridayFax 5-15-98 via Intl Revival Network )
Global Glimpse is compiled each week by John Hanna, Caleb Project, Littleton, CO.


Thanks to the many readers alerting us to news items about violence and bloodshed in Indonesia. Check out for the USA’s embassy there. Many have asked the Brigada family to pray for those who have lost homes and loved ones. One reader, Betsy, wrote this past week, “If you have been watching the news lately or listening to the radio then you know that there is much unrest in Indonesia. For a week there were lootings, riots, protests and killings in the street; some reports estimate that 500 were killed in all the chaos. Most of the riots have been aimed against President Suharto who has ruled the country for 32 years with an iron fist. On Thursday May 21st President Suharto announced that he would be stepping down as president and appointed his vice president, BJ Habibie to be the president until 2003…no one is sure what this means, will the people be any happier with Habibie than they were with Suharto? Meanwhile the economical situation in the country is a mess; the nation’s currency (the rupiah) has gone way down in value and the country is still in somewhat of a state of upheaval. Most missionaries have remained in the country through this time, although some have pulled out or gone to safer places within the country until things settle down. We need to pray for the people in Indonesia, the government and the missionaries laboring there.”


Many thanks to those of you who took time to write a note to a recent Brigada corporate sponsor. Mike & Deb Lundeen of TealBrook wrote this past week, “I didn’t anticipate the amount of response your announcement in Brigada would bring! We have been inundated with thank you’s and requests for info, and some new customers and orders directly because of Brigada. We have been enjoying new friendships via email with a few of the people too. Our Family is pretty awesome…we do have an awesome Father, I guess that’s why! Thanks for your kind words. It has been a tremendous encouragement that the Lord has used to confirm some recent faith steps we’ve taken with TealBrook.” Tealbrook gave funds that helped keep Brigada Today a free service again in 1998. They sell water purification equipment and other survival gear at rock bottom prices to missionaries, ministries, and friends and can be reached via


Ron would like to know. He’s compiling a list of all available videos (any format) in Mandarin or Cantonese. Write him at and we’ll post his finalized compendium here for all to read in Brigada Today.


Does your studio still use open reel 1/4″ recording tape? If so, have we got a deal for you! Two Brigada Today readers are cooperating together to offer 200 reel “pancakes” (without reel casings) to any Brigada Today reader for the asking. The recipient would be responsible for shipping or picking them up in Belgium. For more information, contact Andy Williamson directly. Thanks to Andy and Helen, and Danny for the referral!


At least, that’s the story at, which says that there are about 60 million users each for Win 95 and the Mac OS. What does this mean? Supposedly, it would mean there are still 60 million people using Apple machines… and an equal number using Win 95! Apologies to the graphically unchallenged! :-) (Thanks for the correction, Dennis!)


Throughout the USA, churches have the potential to make an increasingly significant difference in global evangelization. Many still want to learn how to develop a strategic and progressive game plan that is right for them.

To meet this need, the Global Access Planner (GAP) seeks to:

  1. Expose a church to the latest thinking regarding what a local fellowship can do in world evangelism.
  2. Alert a congregation to global, biblical, societal and local church realities which must be taken into account for a successful missions ministry.
  3. Assist a missions team in developing a five-year strategic plan.

The next training session to assist people in facilitating missions teams through the GAP materials will take place Thursday, June 25, 1998 in Albuquerque, NM. For more information contact Bruce Camp by e-mail or phone (714-248-1236).

Both the Instructor’s manual as well as the Participant’s manual can be ordered from ACMC. Their number in the USA or by Net2Phone is 800-798-ACMC. You could also email my new friend Larry, a rep. with ACMC, at



Okay . . . so if you’re going to keep track of recruits for mission work, we kind of have a general idea of what software to use for that. One can pick it up at any COMPUSA or Computer City. The shelves feature contact management packages such as ACT and Goldmine. But how do we keep track of Personnel functions . .. . . That’s what Chris French would like to know. He’s willing to receive suggestions from any Personnel coordinator with a line on how to do it. Once he’s done, he’ll send us a copy and we’ll make it available to anyone who is interested.

note (Note: You don’t have to write Chris or me to request a copy of the compiled list. It’ll be announced in a later edition of Brigada Today.) So . . . let’s hear from you Personnel Coordinators. Please send your ideas directly to Chris!



Okay… so I’ve got this missionary buddy from Japan who’d like to find furlough housing in the upper Midwest (IN/KY/TN) area of the USA. How does he go about finding it? I’m clueless. Probably each denomination attacks this differently… but what if there were some big clearinghouse for missionaries coming back on home service… some way they could “apply” for $15 or so . .. and some clearinghouse had a list of offerings that they would then forward to the missionary. Maybe people who need someone to “house sit” while they’re gone on a six-month short-term mission assignment??? Sounds like a great game of musical houses. The missionary takes the house in the sending nation while the sender takes a spot overseas! Who’s willing to help with such a ministry long-term??? And . . . by the way . . . if you know where my buddy can furlough, write him at :-) Now… will we need one of these clearinghouses in each major sending country??? Furlough-Net. I can see the web site now! :-)


Check out the latest PC Magazine. Great buys there. For instance, here’s a “Winbook” with a new Pentium II processor, 233Mhz with MMX, 12.1″ Dual-scan screen, 16 meg of RAM and a 1.6 meg removable hard drive WITH CD-ROM and Win95 preinstalled for $1199. Put that on your desktop and smoke it. :-) or call 888-480-8225 in the USA or by Net2Phone. But you’ll find tons of other equally viable options. And if you come up dry looking in PC Magazine, check out the web — or even past editions of Brigada Today. Here’s a guy with a brand new Digital Hinote Ultra 2000 – with a 3 year worldwide warranty. (Worldwide Warranty is key for missionaries) Billed as the world’s thinnest and smallest notebook with 14.1 Active screen, CD, 166MMX, 2.1 Gig HD, 56K modem 32 Meg Ram. $1900. MosesTey And if you’re in the market for a new miniDV digital format video camera, like a Sony TRV-9 for $1500 (NEW), a Sony TRV-7 for $1400, or a Sony VX-1000 $2300 (NEW), write the same guy — MosesTey


Check out Karen brought this site to our attention . . . and it’ll have a tendency to put a lump in your throat. We’ve GOT to be more sensitive to Muslims.


As this Brigada Today is headed out the door, Rikki clued us in on the fact that today is Africa Day! “On Africa Day, 25th May 1998 the church in Zimbabwe is gathering in over 57 centres throughout the nation to humble themselves before the Lord, confess their sins and to ask the Lord in His great mercy and lovingkindness to heal our land. It is estimated that least 100,000 Christians will be gathering on that day from all denominations.” Why not join them in a prayer for Zimbabwe and all of Africa! For more information, contact Rikki at

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