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When we say “top level”, we mean the “foyer” where all Brigada’s networks converge with the Brigada Today (the simple conference you get when you say, “subscribe brigada”). There are now nearly 40 different “conferences” meeting as a part of the Brigada family of networks. (Note that you get to choose which one to join, based on your interests. To see a full list of the choices, send email to with only the word

This Brigada Today is the one place where all participants can find out about new developments and resources for reaching the portion of the world that still remains outside the touch of Christ’s compassion as demonstrated through human hands. The fast-growing participation here is a reflection of the way people can and need to come together — to share ideas, advice and helps. If you’re new, welcome to Brigada! If you’ve been on board since March 21st, our official opening day, thanks for your continued participation! We’ve now reached a total of 478 participants in this particular conference… and there are even more who are working at other levels of the Brigada network that haven’t yet subscribed to this “top level”! God has blessed! Thanks for your support. If you know if someone who might be interested in this effort, please forward to them this issue of Brigada Today!



Note that contrary to what was reported last week, “Pete Holzmann’s “Globe” project was not the popular PC Globe program, but rather an earlier GMI project called “Globe” that was never widely distributed. (Ed. Note: Okay, so maybe I exaggerated! ) He also wants to clarify that he’s never earned lots of money, but rather has “given up” opportunities to do so in order to serve the Body.” (Additional Ed. Note: Thanks, Pete, for your honesty! We’re still indebted to you for your contribution to CrossConnect and everything else you touch!)



On the Brigada-projects-dfwmobilizers conference recently, Bob Skiles shared news about the new Dallas-Fort Worth Prayer Fasting Center, an intentional attempt to promote strategic prayer for world evangelism, personal renewal, and worldwide revival. As we understand it, the Center serves as a kind of retreat house, specifically set aside for prayer and fasting. In fact, if you’re passing through the Dallas area, you could elect to stay at the Center in lieu of an expensive hotel! We interviewed Bob briefly to learn more about the Center and its purposes:

BT: Bob, this is an exciting idea. Could you tell us again why this center has been launched?

Bob: For the body of Christ to seek, and pray that Lord of the harvest will send labors into the fields, send revival to America and the world.

BT: What do you hope to accomplish?

Bob: To pray, seek the Lord and fast to see the nations come to Christ as well as the U.S.

BT: Is it open to anyone?

Bob: Yes!

BT: What are the charges for using it?

Bob: None, but a freewill offering is appreciated.

BT: What challenge would you issue to others regarding prayer and fasting?

Bob: Seek Him while He yet may be found. Let’s press through the crowd like the woman with the issue of blood! We have confidence to enter boldly! Let’s go for it!

BT: Where is it located — and how can we make reservations, Bob?

Bob: At 1829 W. Shady Grove Road, Grand Prairie, Texas 75050 call Gayle Watkins for reserving a room for overnight prayer — 214-790-0800.



This past week, we were able to preview those videos (mentioned in last week’s Brigada Today) explaining the 10/40 Window. Wow! Great stuff! You can instantly see that these videos were planned and executed by people who know kids. They are fast-paced, use simple narration, with lots of music. They carefully illustrate the needs of the least reached peoples in the world and give specific ways of praying for them. Especially strong is the emphasis on prayer-walking — “praying to God as you go for a walk!” Kids watching these videos will not soon forget all the faces and places. Use them in your camp or VBS! Not mentioned last week is the email address of the authors/distributors, Joey and Fawn Parish: — or call them at (805) 650-3511. Cost is $11 or $14 each, depending on your choice of shipping methods.



Thanks to our overseas readers who reminded us of the uselessness of toll-free numbers overseas! (Forgive me!) To contact CCB for those great computer bargains, you can call them at CCB is 414-886-4222.



Thanks to Tim Van Dyke and Steve Welsh, the two New Tribes missionaries kidnapped by leftist guerrillas in Colombia, January, 1994, who this past week gave their very lives having served God to the utmost. We’ve heard at least a couple of versions of their final chapters on this planet. Associated Press Wire Services reported that their bodies were found buried near Medina, Colombia, some 55 miles east of Bogota. Another source, however, reported that they were gunned down during a skirmish between government troops and the guerrillas themselves. However their lives ended, it was a tragedy for those who are left behind to mourn the loss. Pray for Tim’s wife, Lorraine, and their four children, Tim (15), Tracey (14), Katrina (12, and Jackie (10). Steve’s wife is Sandy and the 3 kids are: Scott (21), Shannon (20), and Shad (19). But all of us are inspired by their vision, service, and patriotism to the Kingdom of all kingdoms. We’ll all look forward to meeting them personally ‘up there’. Thanks to Speed the Need and MissionNet for relaying news on Tim and Steve. (Speed the Need, an emailed prayer request line, headed by David Hatch is at while MissionNet can be reached by sending email to, with text subscribe MissionNet as the only message. Both lists usually generate a significant number of INTERNET messages per week.)



NEED HELP??? — GET HELP-DETAILED — If you’re new to Brigada and need a bit of a jump-start, retrieve the file, “help-detailed” if you’d like a 4-page explanation, complete with a 10-point outline to handling the commands and structure of Brigada. The file is ready for use, but can always use your feedback, so your input is warmly welcomed! If you want the ‘quick start’ version, just get the subset, “help”. For those still getting used to the Brigada approach to ‘get’ing files, send a message to (for Compuserve users, that’s with only the following line in the body of the text:
get brigada help-detailed

If you’d like the quick-start, then type only this line instead…
get brigada help

The subject line is irrelevant and will be ignored. (Compuserve users have to fill it in, though, because the Cserve software requires it; you can use whatever you like there! It’s ignored by the hub computer.) Remember that ‘get’ing files is automated and requires very exact syntax, spelling and case. To see a file listing in your favorite area, send…
filelist brigada

to If you’re working in a different conference, other than the top-level Brigada, just substitute its full name in place of the word “brigada” above. Good luck!!! And please remember — these and all other commands go to not to Brigada or



All over the country, men are coming together to pray, worship and ask God for revival in hearts of Christians everywhere. This weekend, 60,000 men will pack the RCA Dome — a “sell-out” crowd! Ask God to fuel these revived hearts with a passion that won’t rest until men and women everywhere hear His message.



Plans are coming together for the kick-off event for Envision ’96, a missions mobilization convention for Christian churches and churches of Christ, scheduled for Lexington, KY, Oct. 31 – Nov. 3. Envision 96’s leaders are pulling together a special luncheon in Indianapolis, Indiana, on July 17th, next month. Their goal is to bring together leaders from 200 congregations with hopes of challenging each of them to consider adopting a particular unreached people group or city. So far, some 127 congregations have confirmed reservations, with a current total of just over 500 leaders scheduled to be present! Pray that God will fill the remaining ranks. Then ask him to speak mightily to the group of men and women on that day. Envision 96’s leaders, the “Input Group”, meet regularly on a private, unadvertised Brigada conference, to share the latest data and developments. Pray that God will give them wisdom as they and others meet face to face as a group for the first time ever during the week of the 17th. They’ll wrap up the week with an all-day marathon planning meeting on Friday the 21st, at the Ramada Inn in downtown Indy. Pray that they’ll be able to pull together the resources and logistical support to manage the convention itself in Lexington, on Oct. 31, 1996, where they hope 18,500 leaders from the Christian churches and churches of Christ will come together to celebrate what God will have done through the project during these coming 15 months. Pray for Caleb Project, which has committed heavily to seek God for the resources to assist in carrying out the initial planning and strategy consulting. Ask God to bless the participating mission agencies and consultants, who hope to foster all the more continuity in the projects. These agencies, churches, and individuals invite your cooperative prayers as they seek God’s face for heavy support during the coming 15 years as they try to fulfill their dreams of helping make possible “a church for every people, the gospel for every person” by the year 2000. (Note: Envision ’96’s organizers are asking participating churches to muster a passion that will not rest until a vibrant and multiplying church movement is planted among the adopted group or in the adopted city.) Also, please pray that the Executive Committee will have the information and data they need to give good advice to churches seeking to adopt people groups. So far, the group remains confused about which groups should be considered reached and which should not be on the list of prospective groups for adoptions. We need good information, researchers — Envision ’96’s leaders wish it could be reported consistently!!!!

The team of leaders for this event have put together a Brigada conference, brigada-projects-envision96, where occasional news items are released to subscribers. If you’d like to find out more about this event, perhaps with a view of learning and applying concepts to your own group or denomination — or giving advice and input to the planners of Envision ’96, send email to with only the following (one) line in the body of the text:
subscribe brigada-projects-envision96



Simply send email to with only the following two words in the text of the message:
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