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Below is a chart with the number of ‘subscribers’ to the top level of Brigada (this Brigada Today update). (To view the chart correctly, make sure you view this email in a ‘fixed font’, like Courier New, rather than a proportional font like Arial.) We’re almost to 350!
350 . |
300 . | | |
250 . | | | | |
200 | | | | | |
150 | | | | | |
100 . | |* | | | | | |
50 . | | | | | | | | | |
Num Participants 2 58 76 95 106 234 252 270 305 321 345
Date in 1995 1/25 3/3 3/10 3/17 3/24 3/31 4/7 4/14 4/21 4/28 5/5

Notes: Brigada officially “opened for business” on March 21, 1995.
| = approx. 50 participants



[We have to say this stuff again for the new subscribers and the friends to which you’ll be passing this Brigada Today!] Below is a chart to point to the conferences established thus far. Each line represents an entirely different conference, with an entirely different set of participants. You can be a member of more than one conference, but to do so, you must subscribe to each conference individually. Subscribing to the top level Brigada conference does not automatically get you mail from each of the subgroups. Remember that you can figure out the name of any conference by starting at the top and left and working over. To subscribe to any of the conferences below, just send email to with the word “subscribe”, followed by the conference name (include the hyphens in the conference name, but lose the quotes in “subscribe”). For example, to subscribe to the first subconference listed, your message to would read,
subscribe brigada-albania-durres


Thanks to Bob Skiles, who sent word that over 100 Kurds had recently come to Christ in one of the greatest “people movements” of our day. “It seems that it is definitely the Savior’s hour and the appointed time for the Kurds. Let’s pray that God would multiply it and increase it!” Amen! Thanks Bob.


What was previously $50/year for a written subscription is now free via the INTERNET! To subscribe to this up-to-the-minute news source, email Don Norton at


If all goes as planned, Bob Binkley of the AAP Clearinghouse will be demonstrating a new tool at GCOWE. Marv Bowers and others have worked together to develop a piece of software that fits on a floppy and stands alone. Execute it and it walks you through the process of developing a standard description of a particular people or city in such a way that the information will be consistent with other reports from around the world. Using this disk, anyone, anywhere will be able to generate people profiles according to the specified model preferred by the AAPC. Look for Bob at the AAPC booth.


Bob will also be showing a sample of the new Peoples Interactive Database application that he has developed on behalf of the AAP Clearinghouse. With this application, a user can find out which mission organizations, churches, or individuals are working among a particular people or city. One can search according to several keys and look up “needle in a haystack” data. Again, find Bob at the AAPC booth with Frank Kaleb Jansen.


Forgive our mix-up last week. Justin Long used to work with AIMS but now works with David Barrett! We reported it the other way around. Our apologies. Thanks to Justin for not being angry! :-)


In a phone interview yesterday, we learned more about what AIMS is aiming for. Lawrence Schrank explained that AIMS is an affiliate of CBN and is “charged with the task of developing ongoing strategic partnerships with our current 106 member agencies regarding missions focused concerns. Dr. Foltz our founder, is professor of missiology at Regent University. Dr. Barrett has recently joined him on the staff at Regent. We are going forward with plans to use Web technology to help facilitate interest in missions. As my personal background is in 3-d computer visualization, I have for years waited for an opportunity to put it to work for the kingdom. We currently have several world class technologists consulting on the various projects we envision. You can see our meager efforts on the Web … There is much, much more to come!” Specifically, Lawrence hopes to create a separate set of multi-media rich pages on the www for each of the least evangelized people groups, beginning with the people groups living in the 100 Gateway Cities. In keeping with its goal of reducing duplication and fostering networking partnerships, Brigada wants to encourage and spur on Lawrence and his efforts at AIMS. Lawrence feels the same way. Although AIMS places top priority on offering services to the churches and agencies that have “joined” AIMS ($240/year), the staff there desires to create links and networks with every effort to reach the unreached. Watch AIMS over the next few months and get ready for some exciting developments with them riding shotgun in this great global adventure!!!


… is ready to order from the Christian Information Network, 11025 State Hwy. 83, Colorado Springs, CO 80921 (Tel. 719-522-1040). Send a check for the amount of $8.95 and make sure you note clearly that you want PRAYING THROUGH THE 100 GATEWAY CITIES. (They have other books that cost the same amount.) Written by Pete Wagner, Stephen Peters, and Mark Wilson, this book will “walk you through the window!” As you probably have already heard, the “window” refers to an area between the 10th and 40th latitudes stretching from N. Africa east through Asia. Most of the world’s Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists live there, perhaps making up as much as 95% of the unevangelized world! In addition, 84% of the world’s poor are there as well. Keep in mind that this is not a tightly organized “box” window, but rather, a roughly circumscribed general metaphor that will help us draw attention to some very needy places. Also, remember that there are unreached people living all over the globe, on every continent, in every country. It’s just that the 10/40 window seems to have less opportunity to hear and obey at this time.


Get up-to-the-minute reports on what’s happening at the Global Consultation on World Evangelism, free, right here through the Brigada family of networks. In an effort to help our cost-conscious subscribers who won’t want to get the near daily GCOWE briefings, we’re creating a special GCOWE “News Channel”. Watch next week for instructions on how to jump on board if you want to “read all about it!”