3) Don’t Miss This Cyber-Monday Special from YWAM Publishing

And you thought Cyber Monday was all about gimics. Instead, pick up Great Heroes of Faith and Character, which includes two five-book sets. One set of five chronicle of the lives of Lillian Trasher, George Muller, Clarence Jones, Florence Young and C.S. Lewis. The other shares five “heroes of history:” Jim Elliot, Lottie Moon, Brother Andrew, Clara Barton, and Laura Ingalls Wilder. $117  worth of books for $47. You can’t lose. For more information, visit…


5) Missio Nexus Has a New Report on Mission CEOs: Is it Helpful?

In a word, indubitably. How many CEOs took part? 119. Would we have liked for that to have been 500? Sure. But did these 119 CEOs give some fantastic answers? Most definitely. Their top personal priorities, their top influencers (the page on “Most Recommended Books” alone is worth the price of admission), the “annual review,” work and life, energizers, exhausters, staff effectiveness, activity assessment, external forces at work, internal forces and much, much more – they all help us put the job in perspective. These sets of answers help us see the “systems” that can influence… that ARE influencing… the jobs we do as leaders of agencies. VanHuis and his team have done an incredibly valuable service for us. You can read the entire report online for free if you’re already a member of Missio Nexus. (If you’re not — gasp.) See it here:


6) Missio Nexus’s Report on Church Missions Leaders: Is it Helpful?

In a word, absolutely. Seeing how other local church missions leaders function, how they prioritize (e.g., how they rank various concerns), what are the external forces at work in their jobs, what they consider to be key attributes of effective missions leaders, what are their key resources, what are their most helpful books, where do they send short-term teams — all these and more… they help create categories. They help give shape to our ability to analyze our own systems of thinking. Imagine a report that helps you keep short-term teams safe, or helps you collaborate. If you’re a member of Missio Nexus, this report is free for you to read online. (If you’re not — gasp.) See it here:


1) Short Term Missions Preparation 2nd Edition Published

“Before You Go” took 40,000 short term missionaries into God’s Presence for 40 days prior to their trips, helping prepare their hearts for what only God knows awaits. Teams serving overseas land on the ground with humble attitudes and servant hearts. Excellent and easy reads are great for any age or experience level; the 2nd Edition added testimonies and discussion questions. You can also get bulk rates from the publisher by calling 866-381-2665, ext. 1163 . Learn more at…


6) We Just Read "God’s Hostage" (Andrew Brunson); Couldn’t Stop

We couldn’t put it down. Once we began reading, it drew us in and we couldn’t stop. There are indeed some reality checks. Andrew openly reveals the challenges of living in a Turkish prison. We also fully capture his transparency as he dealt with the reality of questions about his faith. Why would God allow him to be captured and held like this? Why wasn’t God there to insure a quick release? If you’d like to catch all this and more, pick up God’s Hostage for a discount at…


12) In Two Weeks: 15 Days of Prayer for the Hindu World 2019

This 15-day prayer campaign kicks off October 20th and ends on November 3rd. It’s just in time for the Diwali season. Diwali symbolizes the “spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.” Light, in Hinduism, is “knowledge and consciousness”. Many Hindus pray ‘Asatho ma jyothir gamaya.’ (‘Lead me from darkness to light’). Of course, Christians believe that Jesus claimed, ‘I am the light of the world.” Pray that Hindus can find Him as light and hope.


This edition of the ‘Hindu World Prayer Guide 2019’ is published by World Christian. To learn more, see…

1) Wow — This 2414 Book is Stupendous ("A Testimony to All Peoples")

You can buy it at…

But did you ever hear the phrase, “You never get something for nothing?” I’m afraid 2414 is out to break the mold. Their new book, “2414 — A Testimony for All Peoples,” which is intentionally posted online absolutely free of charge and it’s packed FULL of vision, scripture, case studies, and helpful tools. Compiled by top-notch trainers (Dave Coles and Stan Parks), it’s actually a collection of a TON of articles and training pieces. And you can find it TODAY on the web for free in all its 345-page splendor simply by browsing to:


You’ll learn about church-planting movements (CPM — otherwise known as disciple-making movements or DMMs). You’ll see how groups of all kinds fit in with that strategy. You’ll read about case studies, movements in the Bible, and lessons learned in the American church and with agencies. Plus you’ll be able to acquire all kinds of helpful tools for your own work. They could have asked $20. But they didn’t. Get the printed version for $8.52 and the Kindle version for under $1. Or just download the PDF version for free. It’s your choice. Well done, 2414!


10) Fascinating Interview with the Author of "Myth of the Dying Church"

Glenn T. Stanton is the author of the new book, “The Myth of the Dying Church: How Christianity Is Actually Thriving in America and the World.” He asks, “Is Christianity declining, even dying across North America, as the media and many pundits would have us believe?” He also wonders whether, “Globally, is it losing out to other religions, and especially not holding its own against Islam?” Stanton, a professional researcher at Focus on the Family, digs into the research concerning spirituality in America, and globally, revealing the hope and truth about the vitality and future of the church. Hear the author firsthand in an interview by Missio Nexus at…


(Note: This content is reserved for Missio Nexus members… but wouldn’t you want to join anyway? : ) )


1) Curtis Sergeant Has Refused to Write a Book: Until Now

He’s trained thousands — who have gone on to disciple HUNDREDS of thousands. In fact, probably only God knows — because Curtis would never tell. His humility wouldn’t have allowed for it. But now, you can order his first ever book — and he’s even arranged for you to receive it digitally for free. Just click to…


Click the button, “Get the free ebook!” Or read some of the endorsements first. We’ve read it — and it’s worth any price. Because it will help you, truly, become a disciple worth multiplying. The secret for all of us will be — that we read and DO it. “The movement starts with you.”


3) Where Can We Learn More about How to Make and Multiply Disciples?

There are two recent books from two of the largest CPMs/DMMs in the world: Ying and Grace Kai’s Training for Trainers (WIGTake, 2018), and Victor John and Dave Coles, Bhojpuri Breakthrough (WIGTake 2019). Both books are available for volume discount at


These two movements alone have resulted in more than two million baptisms. Please don’t forget to keep praying for Grace, who, interestingly, is the discipler of Ying. She’s had a stroke, though, so far, it looks fairly mild. She’s lost some mobility, however. Please pray hard for her.


7) Here’s Your Chance to Learn About 24:14 and Kingdom Movements

The printed book is finally “live” at Amazon. See it for under $9… and the Kindle version is as cheap as Kindle gets (99 cents). The 24:14 Vision is to see the gospel shared with every people group on earth in our generation. Organizers long to be in the generation that finishes what Jesus began and other faithful workers before us have given their lives to. Examples of kingdom movements can be found dotted throughout church history, yet God is doing something unique in our day. Movements are more numerous and widely spread than ever before. 24:14 Participants long to see the gospel proclaimed throughout the world as a testimony to all people groups in their lifetime. They hope you will catch that vision as you read and join them in praying and serving to start kingdom movements in every unreached people and place. Get the book. : )


Well done, 24:14.


8) The Tour about the Book: "The Rise and Fall of Movements"

In June, we got to hear Steve Addison, author of “The Rise and Fall of Movements.” Now the book is a tour! : ) If you can get to the USA, you can find out how close he’ll be to you by clicking to…


Watch his video on that page to learn more. His book is worth the read. Sometimes, the way you go INTO a movement can affect the way you come OUT!


3) Military Outreach Christian Resources

We all know that many active military soldiers and support staff need to be reached with the gospel. Also, military personnel go through many physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. For this reason, Military Outreach Christian Resources has resources for active-duty military. You may find on this website links to Bibles, articles, audio, dvds, tracts, discipleship, church planting, devotionals, mentoring, podcasts, evangelism, Bible studies, small groups, and more.

Please visit


to learn how you can help soldiers find a future in Christ.


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