Wow. Here’s a cool new book on the history of the Perspectives Course. You’ll love it. A book like Propelled by Hope has never been written. Ever. Yvonne Huneycutt has interwoven the story of Perspectives with the history of missions over the last five decades! I (Doug) couldn’t put it down. She traces the development of Perspectives as a worldwide phenomenon — in the context of seemingly every major mission milestone during the past 50 years! And… Propelled pulls no punches. It describes sodalities and modalities that are real, raw, and yet, redeemed. As it turns out, this book isn’t a commercial for a missions course. It’s the true story of a tapestry called Perspectives becoming a global movement, changing the lives of course-developers and leaders just as radically as it transforms students into missional world-changers. If you buy just one book this year, I suggest you make it this one. Find it here: