Once each year, we ask Brigada participants to pitch in toward the costs of producing Brigada. These expenses go toward the costs of a managed, dedicated server to provide you with quick access to resources any time you wish. They also cover mailing costs at Amazon Web Services, as well as the costs of a part-time assistant to create, edit, and communicate with the Brigada family. If every reader would pitch in a one-time offering of just $4.85, we’d be done in one single week. But many of our readers can’t get credit cards. They are international workers serving among the unreached. Others are students. As a result, some Brigada readers step up to volunteer to cover the costs of 20 or more Brigada participants. Because of this gracious and sacrificial giving, we are only $12,639 away from breaking even. Would you or your church be able to make a difference? In the past, some have given $1000 and even $2000, covering the costs of scads of recipients. This Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for you. Would you want to empower Brigada? If so, just browse to https://brigada.org/empower-brigada and click donate. By pitching in together, you can help people all around the world receive missions resources, trends, information, and encouragement to finish the task. Thank you so much!