Over the past month, I (Doug) have been learning to use Disciple Tools both personally and for our organization. Have you ever really taken a serious look at it? Just in the past couple of weeks, I’ve discovered all the training videos associated with it. (See the 12 PlayLists at https://www.youtube.com/@discipletools705/playlists.) But the truth is, like many such applications, nothing beats the power of getting into the app and trying to use it. We (our org) currently have around 300 people implementing it in 50 countries. On an individual level, it shows me a dashboard reminding me exactly how many people I’ve told about Jesus so far this year. (This is a great reminder for personal accountability.) It helps me see with clarity how many times I’ve invited people into discovery Bible studies, both in the past week and year to date. And it reminds me of how many hours I’ve invested in praying for the lost. But here’s the other thing. Everyone in our org can click a button on the dashboard and see those same figures, aggregated for our entire organization. (Note that the app only reveals individual metrics to individuals and their supervisors.) These are the things that matter to our organization. We finally have an attractive, easy way to gather metrics that matter and to “see through the fog.” The most baffling thing about Disciple Tools is that it’s absolutely free. The people who program it believe in the cause too. Because I had recently requested a minor tweak in the application, I happened to end up on a Zoom meeting with the very programmer who coded the plug-in I was trying to tweak, only to find that he, himself, was an implementer of disciple-making movement strategies in Central Asia! He wanted the app to be the best it could be, not because he was being paid by some “bay area tech firm,” but because he wanted people to be dressed in white robes on “that Day.” It was the first time I ended a tech support call by praying for the programmer.

The second-most baffling thing about Disciple Tools is why, in 2023, anyone would want to try to make disciples without it. I mean… imagine. It’s available in over 100 languages. Why would you try to force Salesforce do this – when you have to pay Salesforce $60 per user per month — especially when you can unleash Disciple Tools with your movement of 1,000 people and not charge them anything?

Learn more and see a demonstration site at https://disciple.tools/. (Truth in advertising: I know the people who make this. The leaders are actually employees of our organization. They believe, through their ministry, that they’re helping you and others fulfill the Great Commission. They make absolutely nothing through advertising. They don’t charge users, but users will need to host this in a WordPress hosting site somewhere on the web. You can pick your own hosting company and run it yourself to make sure it’s safe and secure. As for the creators? They are invested because of the Great Commission. Try it.)