Last week we posted, 8 Ways to Survive the Long-Haul Flight (original post here  A few Brigada readers offered their tips and tricks!  Thank you! 

David added:

I’ve flown over 192 long-haul flights and over two million miles. My ways of enduring long haul flights are:
1) Always sit in an aisle seat so you can get up at will.
2) When not sleeping, get up every two hours or so, walk around a bit, stretch near a toilet or door area.
3) Bring a filled large bottle of water onboard so you can hydrate at will I recommend the flat, seatpocket-friendly MemoBottle A5 water bottle (found here:
4) For sleeping in an upright seat, my best accessory has been the ZZZBand, a unique eye cover headband that loops over the headrest to hold your head up while blacking out light (found here:
5) I have also loved the elbow sleeve which cradles my crossed arms while sleeping upright so I don’t strain my arms.

Melody added:

1. No Jetlag really helps get over jet lag fast BUT it’s expensive. We use Pantothenic Acid (vitamin store) which is a B derivative. 1000mg each of 3 mornings before you leave, 6-8 times while flying long flights, and 3-5 mornings after you arrive. I also take it at noon the first few days after I arrive. It helps you function without that drunk tired feeling! Amazing!
2. Melatonin to go to sleep after you arrive. Take it 30 minutes before you want to sleep for the next week or two. Your body produces this naturally but it needs to reset to the new time zone.

Do you have anything you would like to add to the list?