We received the following email from Joshua Project.  We are committed to prayer!  How can you pray more fervently for the unreached in 2023? Please comment!

On January 2, 2022, I made a resolution to pray for an unreached people group every day of the year. Now technically I was already a failure because I had missed the very first day, but I was determined, so I needed a plan. I went to Joshua Project’s website and put the app on my phone. I figured I needed something doable each day and this gave me an easy way to do it. I also knew I needed accountability, so I formed a group on Facebook, called it Praying for an Unreached People Group of the Day and invited all my friends to join. Each day I prayed for the group of the day and added a post to the group with a short prayer. Attainable and Accountable worked!!!

During 2022

  • I only missed about 5 days but prayed for them the next day.
  • About 190 people joined and 120 are considered ‘active’.
  • Members include family, supporters, fellow workers in many countries, African friends, former students, etc.
  • There are about 30 who like or comment regularly and did all year.
  • Each day I get about 12 people who ‘like’ or comment on the post to say they are praying.
  • My knowledge of and heart for the unreached grew.
  • My desire to see Jesus’ Name proclaimed to all people has grown.
  • God heard and is answering!!!! (I can’t wait to meet in heaven ones I prayed for in 2022)

Now I am on the edge of another year. Do I make more resolutions?? Yes!!! Maybe one about losing weight or exercising – but first I am remaking one that is already a routine and I know I can succeed at. Would you join me? Find a few people and resolve to pray together. Text your prayers to each other. Start your own social media group. Pray for a group each day at dinner with the family. Or join my Facebook page. (Click to https://www.facebook.com/groups/293078889452466 and ask to join.) Be creative, but make sure it is Attainable and Accountable.

Frontier People Groups are unreached with less than 1 in 1,000 who know Jesus. To help you pray for the Frontier People Groups: 2 prayer guides have been created:

How will you make 2023 a year of intercession for the unreached?