Here’s a question we come back to periodically, partly just to keep all the sites honest. We (Tina) have historically preferred Orbitz. But have you tried lately? Are they edging ahead of Orbitz, Travelocity, and Kayak? Just out of curiosity, it would be interesting if you tried on your next trip, then reported your experience back here. You just might be surprised. (Just FYI – there is no “affiliate marketing” edge going on here… and no ads. We’re just one beggar telling another where we might find the best bread.) Let’s try them: Do you have a favorite travel/airfare site? Which do you prefer? Here are travel agencies (not individuals) we’ve used in the past or to which we’ve been referred:

AirFareWatchdog — Works best for very flexible travelers. Plus, includes fares from Southwest, Allegiant and other small airlines that may not appear on bigger search sites such as Kayak.

City Express Travel


Fare Compare

Fly For Good

Fly Asia

International Volunteer Card – If you work with any non-profit, could be for a day, or your life. This membership card is awesome!!!!

Kayak – Scours hundreds of online sources for the cheapest fare available. The more flexible you are on time and destination, the better your chances of finding a great deal.


Menno Travel (a Raptim company)

Missionary Airfare Search

Mobissimo to get an idea of what fares are out there.

Reservations Africa

Siama Travel

Springfield Travel



Which Budget — Build an inexpensive, overseas flight plan by using local, budget airlines

Yapta Travel (Seattle, WA) (206) 625-2301 –

YaYama – uncovers many int’l airlines that dont typically appear on other web engines.