Quietly, on Oct. 31, Zume released a new printed training manual, putting into print a great deal of its treasure of online training materials. See the new offering on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Z%C3%BAme-Training-Multiplying-Disciples-N/dp/1645084418/ref=sr_1_1. Other books in the past have pointed readers to Zume but this manual is without a doubt the most comprehensive printed piece to date in sharing the simple, reproducible teachings of Zume, which is perhaps the most well-known and in-depth online training in disciple-making movement (DMM) strategy and life practices. Hats off to William Carey Publishing for helping the designers and compilers with this project. Thanks to Chad Edwards (a Zume volunteer and implementer in Asia) and Mike Riester (a William Carey staffer) for the hours (days, weeks, and months!) you invested in this project — and thanks for your humility not to seek recognition in the “author” byline. You have lived out the magic of Zume in that you have “freely received, so you freely give.” (At least here in Brigada, because we read the fine print, someone can finally thank you.) Do Zume trainees actually need a printed manual? Of course not. But this manual expands Zume’s capabilities specifically for a) audiences who prefer a printed manual like this, as well as b) audiences who for whatever reason can’t (or prefer not to) utilize an online learning system. Bravo Zume. Bravo William Carey. Bravo Chad and Mike!