How about an app to introduce to the international students in your community?  Brigada reader, Gordon, suggests M28 and/or “God’s Story.”  M28 stands for Matthew 28—the Great Commission. It is a global discipleship strategy designed with students in mind—those from every culture and nation. Their aim is to lead students to Christ and equip them to be disciple-makers in their home cultures (or other spheres of impact).  Seekers, disciplers, and trainers download the app and have instant access to a truth-discovery process that facilitates a personal discipleship and witnessing lifestyle. It begins with the lessons provided in the “God’s Story” section.
There are 32 selected bible narrative passages in the “God’s Story” section that introduce seekers to the redemption story—from Creation to Christ. Disciplers select the appropriate passage for their audience (individuals or groups). Students facilitate the discovery process and learn to trust God’s Word and the Holy Spirit to be enough to lead them to Truth.  Go to to learn more.