During the summer of 1991, my family and I (Doug) helped launch a new work in Ukraine. The U.S.S.R. was disintegrating. Life was crazy. But strangely, out of those chaotic times came a new curiosity, interest, and freedom in Jesus and the Bible. God raised up entire megachurches, right before our very eyes. Times were difficult, but dozens of new churches started. In a relatively short period, those churches began to function completely under local leaders. Team Expansion missionaries were gradually able to withdraw, leaving behind a stable church network in multiple cities. It was like a miracle.

Today, Ukraine needs another miracle.

You might be like me in wondering, “What can I do? I’m just one person.” What if we all decided to pray. (Read on for more ideas.):

Start by getting informed. Pick a dependable news source and invest some time in learning the background of this conflict. By learning about the situation, dangers, and challenges, it’s like you’re saying to the people of Ukraine, “We see you.”

Next, let’s pray. If you really believe prayer changes things, would your church be willing to dedicate 5 minutes to pray for peace in Ukraine during your main worship service this weekend? Ask for peace. Pray for help for those who are without food, water, or power today because of this conflict. Pray for government leaders. Feel free to use this PrayerCast video to guide your thoughts:


May God bless the people of Ukraine.

What other action steps would you propose? Do you have a memory of serving in Ukraine? If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about how we might help in Ukraine, please click “comment” and join the conversation.