…gifts this past week from tremendous anonymous friends of Brigada in the amounts of $50, $100, $20, $100, $35, $10
…the $100 gift from Good News Productions International ( https://gnpi.org/ ). God bless you!
…the $250 gift from FMWM-Asia Area (Free Methodist World Missions), encompassing some 20 countries in Asia. We are so grateful!
…the $200 gift from the John Clark Missional International Church Network Bamako, Mali – West Africa. They also enclosed a nice note that said, “Thank you for helping to empower those of us on the field. You have been a valuable resource to me for almost 20 years. Keep up the good work!” God bless you!
Want to join these amazing people in empowering Brigada through 2022? Just click to https://brigada.org/empower-brigada to jump on board. God bless you!