On a recent call with the new ringleader of church multiplication with Finishing the Task, Bekele Shanko, I (Doug) was super-impressed with his quick and easy yardstick for measuring the effectiveness of movements. He talked about

  • Quality – Are the churches we are planting healthy? Are they multiplying? Are we making disciples who obey the Word of God? Do we see the characteristics of Acts 4:41-47 in them? Are we mobilizing new believers for ministry
  • Speed – How quickly are the churches multiplying? Do we have a sense of urgency to engage people with the gospel and plant churches?
  • Scope – Are we going to every place (Acts 1:8)? Are the churches concentrated in some areas and non-existent in others or do they have a fair geographic distribution?

They were such great little memorable catch-phrases that I wrote him afterward for more info – and he answered quickly (Thank you Bekele!) with more details. How do these yardsticks correspond to YOUR metric benchmarks?