YWAM Maritime Academy focused on online distance learning and coaching this past year.  The spring students completed the 12-week School of Navigation and Seamanship without the need of travel!  What is YWAM’s Maritime Academy?  The foundations of what is now the Youth With A Mission Maritime Academy were laid back in the 1970s when Youth With A Mission started Mercy Ships.  Since the start, YWAM has trained volunteer crew members, but now the need for crew world-wide requires more intentionality.  Certified crew around the globe, both in the marine-based ministries and in the general maritime industry, are in a shortage.  They feel that, because of this deficit in the industry, it is their duty to share their knowledge and experience with those called to the maritime industry through integrity and faith in Jesus Christ.  Check out this video: https://vimeo.com/543231840/ba131bec12 or visit www.ywamma.org.