I have a friend named Ed who has been a terrific source of information about being kind to God’s creation. (But that’s a whole different topic, of course. Still – see his “care of creation” resources at http://www.careofcreation.net/.) Ed was brainstorming with us recently about VPNs and came across this: https://deeper.network/. Bravo to him that he was brave enough to try it and, for example, instantly saw all the “bad ads” across his entire network drop to near zero. It’s an extremely interesting concept – something akin to a crowd-sourced approach to virtual private network security. Ed’s question — and ours — remains: Is there a downside to this model? The tag line reads, “A more secure, private and fairer internet for everyone,” which sounds amazing. Is it true? Do we have any I.T. people among us who can help the rest of us analyze Deeper Nano for the sake of Great Commission workers worldwide? Imagine a little box that sits between your modem and your router, filtering out all the trackers and the bad ads — something small enough to take with you when you travel to most any country. Is there any danger that it’s tracking what the USER does and aggregating it back to someone else, say, a non-friendly government? What’s your take on Deeper Nano please? Just click comment if you would be so kind. Thanks in advance for any help you can render.