We were recently bragging on ProtonMail’s great security. Turns out they have great VPNs too. A VPN protects you while you browse (and do just about anything else). Keeps out prying eyes – and reduces your exposure to piracy. ProtonMail’s version is at https://protonvpn.com/. This recommendation came from a specialist on “origins of terror.” Click “read more” to see two more paragraphs of his review. He said, “it is really fast, some additional features (adblocking, profiles for quick sever choices, etc) and better apps as well. It is open source and fully audited – which is super rare (are there literally ANY major vpns fully open source and *actually* fully audited?) Plus they have a free tier that – unlike virtually every other free tier VPN which steals data/has malware – provides a real life, no logs, secure service. For free! You can get a full service VPN for just 50/year and access some bonus stuff for 100/year (ExpressVPN price).” Thanks to the anonymous researcher for this great tip!