To better serve global workers, GRC has launched a new intake process. They now offer the initial assessment for $100 (reduced from $200) if the client completes all three parts of the Intake Process.  To review this process just go to You can also click “read more” to learn more below:


  • Safety measure of email verified before the client is sent the secure online intake form.
  • Complete Intake A – provides just enough information for GRC to determine if they can serve the client or need to make a referral before asking for additional personal information.
  • Complete Intake B – provides information to determine what service would best meet the client’s needs and match with the optimal Care Provider.
  • While the Care Provider and client connect to schedule an Initial Assessment – Complete Intake C – a Scaled Assessment for all key areas of a global workers’ life and work.
  • All pertinent paperwork is securely online and can be conveniently signed electronically.
  • Completion of all forms provides a better frame of reference to the Care Provider for the onset of care.