Are you a DMM implementer in North America?  We need you at the next MultiplyUs online conference!  The purpose of MultiplyUs conferences is simple: we’re trying to discover and understand examples of Kingdom movements in North America, then apply “lessons learned” from those movements to our own lives and with the churches and organizations we lead and of which we’re a part. We’ve heard in the past from movements in Florida, Texas, California, Maine, the Great Pacific Northwest and everything in between. We especially try to emphasize Kingdom movements that are launching or growing in existing local churches. Why? Because they represent a relatively untapped source of immeasurable multiplicative force if we could just figure out how to unleash the potential. It’s tempting to focus mostly on those involved in full-time ministry, but we love examples of lay people, too – because 90% or more of the prospective workers in local churches are from that pool – lay people waiting, longing to be involved.

We’ve met in three different online conferences so far, once in each of the past 3 quarters. (We always record the sessions. Please visit to hear recordings of past events.)  MultiplyUs 4 is coming up on the 10th of June (2021) from 2pm to 4pm EDT. We hope you’ll be a part of it. We rotate time slots from a weekday afternoon, to a Saturday morning, then to a weekday night, so if this particular time slot won’t work, we hope you can attend the next one.

If you know of a movement underway… or even one that looks promising… please drop us a note so we can feature it on an upcoming MultiplyUs conference. MultiplyUs conferences are covered by donations from people who want to see the Gospel shared widely through North America and the world. Please join us in June!  To register go to