Musicians and athletes both speak of “muscle memory.” There’s some kind of neural processing that goes on at the cellular level — and it doesn’t even require the brain! (For more on this, read, for example,

So we were wondering… Have you (intentionally or unintentionally) trained yourself in any “muscle memory” throughout the past 12 months of lockdowns? For example, what if we could train our body for a 20-minute quiet time each morning? What if we could train ourselves in the art of being resilient? What if we trained ourselves to tolerate ambiguity — or feel comfortable with the confusion of new languages? What if gradually, we shaped the way our minds feel about going through an entire week without sharing the Gospel with a soul.

Would you write a couple of lines about the rhythms YOU’ve set up during Covid quarantine? Feel free to comment anonymously — but please DO be honest. Just click “Read more/Comment” and share some of the HELPFUL and surprising rhythms your “spiritual” muscles have embraced over the past year.