Once each year, we humbly ask if Brigada participants can help us chip in and pay the bills. It costs $17,000/year to pay our annual server costs, Amazon web service, and some great help from a part-time assistant. Our promise to you: we’ll send you Brigada first. You decide what it’s worth for you personally. As of today, Brigada is now 37% funded for next year – thanks to your help and others like you. Some have given extra, to account for those who make good use of Brigada, but can’t get a credit card to help empower it. This past week, your peers pitched in an additional $645. We’re so grateful! Only $10,750 remains. What if one family or church took a dare of faith and sponsored the entire $10K? If not, would your church consider pitching in $100? Remember, once we hit our budget need of $17,000, we not only stop asking – we stop receiving. That’s right. We refuse to ask for or accept a single dollar more than is needed. (Is there another cause that tells you that?) We only actually ask once a year. Would you please make a gift to Jesus through Brigada for the sake of the Great Commission this week? Thanks for considering.