This is a multi-pronged question. First things first, what should a missions committee be doing these days? What’s their role? So many churches have pushed missions into the hands of staff people (and that seems to be working well for them). Is your church one of those? (Are you one of those staff people?) Do you like/prefer that model? Either way, where do you find great guidance/resources? Every so often, we hear from a guy like “Richard,” who wrote this past week asking “for missions committee resources for a church.” He remembered the old “Association of Church Missions Committees” (“ACMC”). We ran an item on them all the way back in 2018. It generated quite a lot of interest (including 21 comments; please scan through them before responding below). (See it at Richard pondered, if ACMC was no longer around, “is there another organization that fills that niche, in terms of educating and supporting church missions committees?” In an item in 2019, we asked whether or not Missio Nexus was perhaps becoming that ACMC replacement. (See that item at We mentioned their media materials as an example (at

Now, move than a year later, what’s your take on the scene? Is there an association or network that has helped you like “the old ACMC” used to help us all? With the benefit of added time, how would you answer Richard?