Check out the DMM software you can use to keep track of group members and seekers at Experience a Demo environment to get the idea. See progress on the Zume course itself at We’re launching a course Sunday night, March 22. Want to join us? Just fill out the form at We’ll reply personally.

Speaking of Zume, check out the progress they’re making!
1. New URLS

  • (previously
  • (previously and, briefly, 
  • The site has been restructured to focus on the training aspect of the Zúme Project. They want people to use the training without being obligated to join the Zúme vision or community.

    The site has been launched to expand on the greater vision of the Zúme Project, i.e. 1 training and 2 churches for every 5,000 people.

    The name change to will hopefully help them facilitate building a network of hub communities that are both interconnected and independent. A person might be part of the (Disciple Tools), but as God blesses, they are now positioned to launch or or a or or whatever. They now have an easily scalable infrastructure and they are spinning up new sites as we speak. Through this system they can offer Disciple Tools as one of the resources to these new Zúme Communities that are joining arms to saturate the world with multiplying disciples in our generation.

    2. Increased Traffic
    They’ve been focusing on getting these changes in place for the last 6 months. But now they’re also aggressively marketing these sites using a grant of $120,000. Yay! With this grant and other site improvements, they have seen an increase of up to 2000% in their monthly traffic.

    3. One Account, Three Sites
    The same login will work for,, and all the sites you are a part of. Sign in and bookmark:
    You can also find a link inside Zume Training at the upper right of the course page.