Apparently we touched some nerves. ( ) SEVERAL participants jumped in on the discussion about transitioning from one machine to the next — and how painful it can be. Some suggested transitioning to a solution like LibreOffice (LO), which keeps all its settings in one place in one file. (What a concept.) Sadly, apparently LO falls short when it comes to compatibility of long or complex documents. Of course, there were those who quickly pointed out that Apple pretty much takes care of you (through their back-up to the cloud solution). Others pointed to good Windows back-up solutions (cloning software) like dd, Clonezilla, and Acronis. One friend wrote that Acronis “makes a robust backup solution, if you have the time and space to do it that way.”

Truth be told, the more we thought about it, the more we remembered that we’ve written about this before — cloning a hard drive to a bigger hard drive doesn’t have to be so painful.

Why are we just now remembering this?! : ) We should have searched Brigada *before* started the project.