Wow — Have you stopped by Flickr lately? They’ve made their photo site “unlimited” now — indefinitely. You’ll pay $40 or so annually… but for that charge (one coffee per month?) you can store all your photos (in whatever format you want — including those huge RAW files) AND videos too. There are limits to the upload size — but they’re generous. (You won’t be able to upload one-hour videos, but shorter content will upload just fine.) You can categorize content with albums and tags. (We love the albums. They can overlap — or not — and they’re instantly searchable. We have 10,000 photos in our site there so far and it’s still just as lickety-split as lightning. Instant. Plus — it’s just well done. It’s truly a *photographer’s* site. And we’ve tested the upload/download result. Bit-for-bit, it’s identical. (They don’t squash your photos like Facebook does.) Let Flickr run your photo backups — and more. Highly recommended. Plus, if you act during the next week, you’ll get a 25% discount for your first entire *YEAR*!