Last week, Justin Long pointed us to a Pew poll which paints a fairly grim picture of the future of Christianity:


The article, “What to Understand about Christianity’s Decline in America,” is written by Morgan Lee and was featured, as you can see, in Christianity Today. Of course, as Daniel Silliman pointed out, “And we’re not seeing disappearance of religious questions in America. We’re not saying a disappearance of spiritual longing. We’re seeing people just trust the Christian identity or not feel like that label means anything to them anymore. And we’re seeing people struggle with affiliation or not like the affiliation and church membership anymore. We’re absolutely not seeing a secularization and a disappearance of religious questions.”


So — the truth is — maybe the formal “club” membership aspect of church has faded. But faith apparently has not. What does this mean for 2020? As you read this article and ponder your great life adventure, is it sobering? …or does it dare you to tackle something head on. Please click Comment following the web version of this item. We’d love to know your thoughts. (And thanks, Justin!!!)