This time of year always feels a bit like that old Jimmy Stewart movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Friends gave over $600 this past week, resulting in a total of $13,069 given so far in 2019. Only $3930 to go. So we have a question: Is there any chance you’ve ever used an item in Brigada? If so, would you consider pitching in? Have you ever forwarded a Brigada to someone else, suggesting they check out an item? Would you pray that God would give you the money to participate? Can you imagine a person in another part of the world… maybe a part that makes it tougher to pitch in? Maybe their country doesn’t allow them to get or use credit cards? Maybe it’s tougher to mail a check over the ocean? If so, would you consider pitching in on their behalf? $100, $3, $10, $1000 — any amount would be appreciated. We would be so grateful. And the great part is — once we make our $17,000 budget, we won’t take any more. (If more comes in, we’ll apply it toward 2020.) Would you consider it?