…a $10 from a friend who sent a card which said, “Thanks for what you do to advance the Kingdom!”

…a $200 gift from a church in Tulsa OK to Brigada. Their missions pastor wrote, “Thanks for all you do and for keeping us updated on things for the Kingdom. Until all hear.” God bless you Jim!

…a $20 gift from a devoted staffer at Finishing the Task, who wants to help Brigada get the word out about unreached and unengaged people everywhere! God bless you!

…$100 from a “true fan” of Brigada who has been an advocate for the unreached since the 1990s. God bless you, brother!

…$80 from an anonymous friend of Brigada in Taiwan. God bless you!

…a $103 gift from an ultra-true fan of Brigada. We’re sooo grateful!

…a $100 gift from another True Fan of Brigada. We are in awe at your partnership. Your love for the Scriptures in Use team and the entire Orality Movement will not be forgotten!

…a $50 gift from friends at Create Mobile (createmobile.org) and the Frontier Filmmaking Seminar. You guys are awesome.

…a $100 gift from a True Fan of Brigada from Orlando, Florida! God bless you!

…a $200 encouragement from amazing friends in Bosnia who took Perspectives then completely dedicated themselves to unreached peoples and, today, are coaching more than 3 dozen workers in the Balkans. Amazing people. God bless you!

…a $130 donation from a True Fan who wished to remain anonymous. Amazing people.

…$100 from a True Fan of Brigada at cten. We appreciate you!

…$30 from our great friends at the Missionary Training Service over in UK! God bless you!

…and $100 from a business man who starts companies in China so that their workers can shine forth the love of Christ for all people, regardless of their background. Amazing people.


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