We’ve previously shared about orgs who foster donation of *used* eyeglasses. (In fact, several people were against it because of implications of dependency.) But THIS company is different. They have devised a system whereby locals can become eyeglass vendors using a simple approach that actually creates jobs and $3 eyeglass sets. Anyone have any experience with them?




Looks really cool and interesting. One advocate wrote, “They are working with multiplication movements for pastors to be bivocational and set up vision care shops to support their ministry and use vision care as a bridge building tool. People can be trained in a few hours and they are ready to roll at a reasonable start up cost. The glasses are about $3 a pair.” Sounds awesome. And now, by relying on the strength of the greater Brigada family, we can ask for broad feedback on new ideas like this and learn the latest and the best. (Thanks for the recommendation, Earl!)