Not that long ago, Patrick Johnstone, pioneering author of Operation World, described Brigada as, “A must read for busy Christian workers with a heart for missions.” Today, we’re writing you to ask , would you pray about empowering Brigada again, just as you have in the past, between now and Christmas? Enable us to encourage the struggling missionary recruit still hoping to get to the field to share the Good News. Knock down the barriers so that we can provide tons of resources in a timely fashion to help worldwide workers carry out the Great Commission more effectively and efficiently for the Cause of Christ. Open up channels for us to communicate trends that will unlock doors for workers everywhere. Any gift — any amount — will help. Perhaps there are some among us who could write a check for $2000. (In previous years, a church in Dubai has done so for Brigada. Would you or your church be willing to come alongside them to do the same?


This is definitely the best and earliest we’ve ever been this close. Our budget has remained unchanged for as long as we can remember: $17,000 — which takes care of all server costs, emailing service costs (to email Brigada out to 6,000+ people each week), malware and spam prevention for those visiting Brigada’s secure (https) website, along with the costs of a part-time assistant. Anything above $17,000 would go directly to training workers for serving among unreached peoples. (In other words, we only need $17,000 for this service and we refuse to accept any more than that.)


Last week, our total stood at $11,136. This week, a bunch of amazing people pitched in $1,323. (God bless you!!!) This leaves us only $4,540 short of the overall need.


God might call one church or one person to chip in the entire amount — or 45 people could chip in $100 — or any mixture in between. Would you consider helping out!