14) The Last Bit: Do You Know a Premium Conference Center in Singapore?

…or really, anywhere near there? It’s that time again. Our org is looking for a great conference center for a global gathering. The question is — how do we discover it? There’s no one clearinghouse for these things. We usually need a main meeting room that would (perferably) seat 250. But we also need at least 6 breakout rooms as well. Plus a dining area for 250… and lots of sleeping rooms, too. (Maybe 75?) We love a “destination” place (beautiful ocean view? …mountains?) but it doesn’t have to be luxurious. It just needs to be clean and free from bugs. Do you know of a place like that in Singapore or anywhere nearby? Do you know of a directory that helps orgs like ours discover sites like these? If so, please click comment. We’d be very grateful!!!


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  1. Eddie Smith Reply

    I’ve taught and been to several there. Always at a hotel. :( Land is so scarce, it may be hard to find one.

  2. Sebastian Reply

    Used by many churches and organizations for conferences and meeting. Spore is expensive no matter where you conduct a sizable conference.


  3. Debbie Reply

    Try and contact Singapore Bible College. http://www.sbc.edu.sg
    We once attended a Global Music and Missions Conference there and although there’s no ocean view or mountain view, the accommodations and venue were quite good !

  4. David Tan Reply

    The Asia Member Care Network has been using Rainbow Paradise Hotel, Penang, Malaysia. Working with a local travel agent we have been able to negotiate under US$300 for Conference. Begins with dinner on Monday. Participants check in afternoon of the first day. Conference ends after lunch on Friday. Hotel has many rooms for accommodation. Main meeting hall comes free, there are more than six large rooms for breakout. Early arrival and late departure can add single or multiple days at US$57 twin sharing. It comes with a free buffet stay breakfast. Get in touch with me if you need help. Should be able to negotiate the same price. There are many budget airlines servicing Penang from anyway in Asia. This is the best option in Malaysia. The cost in Kuala Lumpur, the capital is also very expensive.

  5. David M. White Reply

    I have taken groups of 300-350 to the Pulai Springs Resort just across the causeway in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It is very pretty, has good conference facilities, good food, and is very reasonably priced. They are also very family-friendly, having 2 and 3 bedroom units available in addition to normal rooms and 1-bedroom suites.

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