Day: June 30, 2019

7) This is how to reach UPGs in North America

United World Mission and their network of ministries in North America provide strategic opportunities to connect individuals and churches with more than 25 unreached people groups that now live in cities such as Charlotte,...

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10) Zúme Project Adds Swahili

Next time you have a sec, if you speak Swahili or know someone who does, stop by…   and check out the brand new Swahili version of the Zúme Project. Zúme is an on-line and in-life learning...

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11) Here’s a Great Prayer Video for the Hausa

Seems like every believer on the planet should learn about and pray for the Hausa. They are kind of crucial, many say, in sharing the Good News of Christ with much of West Africa. Would you consider asking your Sunday morning...

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12) Free Curriculum on Mobile Ministry

Mobile Ministry Forum is offering free curriculum for your own use or for training others. There are 41 lessons in four topic areas: Foundations, Mobile Ministry, Social Media, and Do-It-Yourself Media. Go here to download....

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13) We’re Grateful for…

…a $50 gift from Mission Network. God bless you! Learn more about Mission Network at …a $30 gift from a great friend of those who serve on short-term missions trips. Learn more about a special...

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15) Closing Stuff

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