This past month, while visiting with one of our teams in West Africa, I (Doug) was able to talk with a local leader who is being mentored by one of our missionaries there. The team there has been incredibly fruitful. (Last year they baptized 3,511 people and started 794 groups or “micro-churches.”) One stream of believers has multiplied (reproduced) 26 times. I asked what prompted it all. One leader responded to me, “We never have to make a cold call.” He proceeded to tell me about a man who recently knocked on the door of one of the believers there. The visitor asked, “Can you tell me why I felt such a strong compulsion to come and knock on your door?” The believer answered, “Yes! Most definitely,” and proceeded to tell him about Jesus. When we pray, heaven fights our battles for us. We never have to make a cold call again. Remember that next time you’re training others to follow up with inquirers. They’ll never call on a cold call ever again!