…would make a tremendous sketch for John Crist. You do know who John Crist is, right? He’s the comedian who thinks up stuff like this, both live and on YouTube:


So we figure… if he could just see some of these comments following one of these now infamous upside-down Brigadas. I mean — what in the world? Do Brigada participants think that we don’t *notice* that we’ve just sent the whole world an edition that is completely backwards? We *thought* about, last week, once we realized what had happened, sending a complementary *mirror* so that everyone could read last week’s issue without eye-strain. But it turned out that our email server was overwhelmed with all the extra bandwidth of all the attached mirrors. Here are just *some* of the really-true, honest-for-goodness feedback comments:


” 1st world problems, right?! :)” (I’m going to have to remember this person’s take on things. Grace. Grace. Grace. Grace. Grace. : ) )


” No biggie Doug! It’s kind of nice to change things up once in awhile.” (Who are they kidding?! : ) Talk about a grace-filled person. What author expects us to turn to the back of the book to figure out where to turn in the book??? What? : ) )


” You may have stumbled on to something, Doug!” (This person thought we were in the middle of a David-Letterman-esque countdown. 15-14-13-12..)


” no problem brother you are busy with the recording of the book” (Another grace-filled person. See item 3. He’s just picturing me in the back of some recording studio, trying to churn out Brigada in the dark. “Oops – I think we just did another edition upside-down.”)


“People don’t like change. But sometimes that change is the exact reason why people get more drawn in! I find the upside down Brigada episode a nice “break in the script”. No need for apologies. And thank you for all your hard work with this weekly newsletter. It’s been immensely helpful!” (Uh-huh. We learned later that this person is actually being hired by Zondervan to do a new book on turning catastrophes into complements.)


” It is not a big issue. I noticed it and just dropped to the bottom and worked my way up. I am glad to have the info upside down or right side up.”  (WHAT??? It makes me dizzy just reading his description of what he had to do to read the crazy edition!)


” No problem.  I am just thankful that you will publicize my stuff.” (Hah! Another optimist. Actually, he sent a picture of himself trying to read the email. He was standing on his head!!!) (joking)


One guy just gave up and wrote, “Unforgivable!” (At least this guy was willing to tell the truth.) : )


So for all those who *didn’t* write but *thought* about it, once again, please forgive  — and we hope like *crazy* it never happens again. : )