I (Doug) remember the first time I heard Steve Smith speak — just like it was yesterday. I remember thinking, “Wow — this guy is so smart. When I grow up, I want to be like he is.” I made up my mind — we had to introduce him to the people of our org. I’m so glad that, last summer, we featured Steve Smith at our organization’s global gathering. Our workers from around the world loved his passion for the Word, his commitment to people, and his earnest desire to seek the Spirit’s guidance. On March 13, after battling cancer for two years, Steve was promoted to an office in Heaven. Obviously, the Lord knows best. But from where we’re sitting, it feels like we’ve lost a tremendous warrior for the Cause of Christ. Take a look at this tribute page from our friends at No Place Left:




Scroll down the page and check out the articles he wrote in Mission Frontiers alone. This guy was the Energizer Bunny for Christ. Please take a look at the offer on that page for a free copy of his book, “HASTENING,” and check out how you can offer it to your contacts.


Our heart goes out to Laura and the family. Only God can console them. But for all of us, it feels like there’s this huge galactic hole left behind. See the IMB’s mention at…




Please take a moment right now to lift up Laura — and thank the Lord for the blessing it was to learn from this great man of God, co-author of T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution, follower of Christ, disciple-maker of many.

(Thanks Robby, for helping give the world a chance to read his books.)