This past week, I (Doug) read through every word of Barna’s report on the “Reviving Evangelism” survey results. In a word, it’s a disturbing commentary. According to their data, nearly half of Millennial practicing Christians say it is wrong to evangelize (47%). Almost two in five practicing Christians (of all ages) say they have no non-Christian friends or family members (30%). More than half of all practicing Christians report having two or fewer conversations about faith in past year (56%). Overall, the study revealed a general erosion in understanding and motivation for evangelism, especially in the hearts and mind of younger generations. Where have we gone wrong? The study tries to guess (making it clear that they’re only guessing). To us, these are some of the most disturbing trends of our day. We could probably survive if political figures stop treating one another with adequate civility. The truth is — we shouldn’t fixate on saving faith for the next generation. But if, as the years tick by, we “forget” (or stop caring) about evangelizing (as it appears we are) and if, in the process, we forget how to tell the Good News (as it appears we are), we would be placing the Kingdom of God in a precarious position. What do YOU think we should do about the study? How would YOU guess we respond?