Beginning this past week, the outliner app called TaskAid began marketing a “Pro Plan” with lots of key new features, all for free — if you can find just 12 people per year to love the app as much as you do. (One free month for every person you refer.) Learn more about Taskade by visiting…


We love it that Taskade is quick, fun, and easy, yet amazingly powerful. Use it across all your devices, upload an unlimited number of file attachments (unlimited!), invite others to collaborate with you and edit the same task list or outline simultaneously. Use tags to keep things super-organized and search for a “needle in a haystack” to find anything you want. And unlike Google docs, Taskade doesn’t get trolled for advertising revenue. There are NO ads. Use templates, multiple workspaces, and a whole lot more. Try it today.


And sure, if you plan to register, feel free to tell them we sent you, but we’re already good for 12 months out in the future. The important thing is to use the app if it looks helpful.