What if you were to ask, “Where do I start with training a new believer?” As of today, here’s what we’d recommend.

First, introduce your new believer to “Momentum,” the free course at:


This course takes about 9 hours. It will help them get the “why” quite clearly. Why are we in this? Why are we here? What’s our purpose?

Then, once they’ve finished Momentum, engage them with Zume Training at…


This will help them get the tools and practices. It’s roughly 20 hours of group sessions (a group consists of 4-12). By the time they’re done, they’ll be praying and sharing like never before.

Then head for 4 Fields Training as the next and more advanced step. One of the best places to catch this training is at…


This training will help you make sure you’ve driven home the ultimate end goal and how to get there.

All three trainings are free — and you can do all three without having to leave your church or your hometown. 2019 is a wonderful time to live!