…a $100 gift from WordTruth in Santa Barbara, CA. They wrote, “May God be glorified through your faithfulness and continue ministry in His Name. We appreciate you!” Learn more about their ministry at…


…a $100 from a True Fan in Dallas!

…the $100 blessing we received from a True-blue Fan of Brigada in Lititz, PA! Thank you!

…an additional $100 from the Minnesota Renewal Center in St. Paul. They are a faith-based counseling center providing help for individuals, couples, families, missionaries, pastors, and churches, military personnel and their families and organizational consulting too. Learn more at…


…a $100 grant from great and long-time friends. God bless you!

…the $25 gift we received from anonymous donors. Thank you!

…a $200 gift from a pair of leaders at One Challenge International, serving pastors and leaders in northeast Brazil. Learn more about their work at…

One Challenge: https://www.onechallenge.org/

…a $25 blessing from a missionary in Indonesia who said she “greatly appreciate the resources highlighted in the weekly Brigada emails. May God continue to bless your ministry.” God bless you!!!

…a $50 gift from an anonymous donor who wrote, “Thanks for your services for the Kingdom.” We’re so grateful. God bless you!

…the $25 gift from “a person who appreciates Brigada” by wanted to remain anonymous. Thank you!

…$50 from a great anonymous friend.

…and the $100 gift from a former IMB worker now living in Texas who wished to remain anonymous. This person has been following Brigada since 1997! God bless you!

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