Yes, it might be ideal to do all 15 weeks of Perspectives for $240 — or $490. But you’ll have to read a mongo reader and show up for all of the two-and-a-half-hour classes at the time they specify. You don’t get to decide. Or maybe it would at least be cool to be inspired by the 40-hour Kairos course. The cost is much more affordable, but … it’s still 40 hours. But if you’re implementing something church-wide for lay people, it might be hard to get whole-church commitment for something as substantial as 40 hours. So now, there’s a really great “toe-in-the-water” alternative. It works great for starters AND, to be honest, it works great for all levels. We found that each session took approximately one hour (but it was all mission staff people). So the nine-hour course actually just took us six hours. It really picked up around session 3 and 4 – so, if you try it, we encourage you to FINISH it. We think it would be a SUPER tool for a “New Christians” class, especially when paired with . A one-two punch. Also, their missions timeline is incredibly cool. The timeline along is worth checking out the site.

The amazing thing is, like Zume, it’s all free!!!!