Do you work in a sensitive land? Do you value your digital security? We’re seeing more and more chatter describing difficulties with certain hardware forms of encryption. Some of us might be depending on our hardware to provide security for us, without even knowing that it’s not doing a very premium job. For an example of discussion on this, you could read…

Microsoft provides a tool to check the status of our security. If this kind of thing is important to you (e.g., if you’re serving in a sensitive land), you might want to utilize this tool:

If these kinds of things are difficult for you, don’t feel alone. They’re difficult to many (most?) of us. The tech world has progressed so quickly, many of us are still catching up. I asked our I.T. guy at Team Expansion about this, and he agreed that it’s a difficult challenge. He pointed out to me that there are discussions ongoing regarding multiple levels of security issues, however, including questions about our phones, our online software applications, and much more. Still, he also pointed out that it’s very expensive for a foreign government (good guys or not so good guys) to carry out hardware searches. We think his point is good. There’s a certain amount of solace in knowing that, as long as you’re not perceived as too big of a target, you might not be prioritized as high in the decision to break into your apartment, steal your laptop, and hack your hard drive. : ) So be encouraged. : ) (Thanks for the help understanding this, Greg.)