Month: July 2018

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2018/07/08 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion Brigada online has more graphics and links at In this issue… 1) Book-PSALMS: An Honor-Shame Paraphrase 2) Psychology for Missionaries 3)...

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1) Book-PSALMS: An Honor-Shame Paraphrase

The new book “Psalms: An Honor-Shame Paraphrase of 15 Psalms” renders the cultural nuances of Psalms into accessible, contemporary language. For Christians working cross-culturally, this book will help you understand...

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2) Psychology for Missionaries

Here’s a book “for” missionaries, not “about” missionaries, and it has been very popular since it was first posted. “Psychology for Missionaries” considers many areas of general...

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5) Webinar: Developing Network Influence

Synergy Commons Webinar – July 19, 2018 The degree of influence that a network has on its clients depends almost entirely on how well it empowers them for effective ministry. In this July 19th webinar at Synergy Commons,...

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10) Crackdown in Nigeria: Let’s Pray

For years, Nigeria was known as a Christian nation. How things change. See items like this one… According to the latest reports,...

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11) Mozambique Records Horrible Beheading

What is UP with these Muslim extremists in Mozambique!!!??? If we believe that God answers prayer (and we...

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