Today we once again ask — What is the church’s responsibility in Yemen? What role should/could believers play? In light of the fact that this is now said to be “the worst humanitarian crisis of our time,” what should our next step be? This came even closer to the surface this past week when two of the largest humanitarian aid organizations in the world pulled out of this troubled land.

In light of the suffering, in light of the sorrow, in view of thousands of families whose lives are on hold or threatened, would you pray with us today?

“Dear Lord, today we gather as one body — all those who are reading these lines — united in this one request: Would you please bring an end to the suffering in Yemen? Would you bring peace… and not just peace but FREEDOM to a troubled land, please? Would you hear these cries for grace and mercy. Would you raise your strong and mighty hand because of the innocent lives lost? Would you pardon those who are guilty, at least long enough for them to find mercy in their own hearts as they have tried to raise instruments of violence to hurt others in the name of greed, power, and vengeance? We don’t ask this for ourselves. We ask this for the people whom we may never meet. But they are people still who deserve to be able to walk to a corner market to buy bread without fearing the threat of the sword. You sent your Son to rescue lost mankind. Would you not please send brave men and women to reclaim this troubled land? Please do this so that your name would be made famous. If any of us can help in this quest… if any of our governments or organizations can intervene, would you please prompt us not only to action, but also to purposefulness and determination. Give us tireless will. And please give resilience to those who have fled. Give relief to the many who have lost loved ones who now live in the shadow of their broken hearts. Please Lord — end this once and for all. End violence and the recruiting of child soldiers. End persecution in the name of religion or any other cause. May YOUR name be famous because you did this. And would you please do this quickly, again, so that you might be made famous. This is our united request in Jesus’ Name,