I’m just going to confess — I’m having a ball these last few days, brainstorming with a megachurch of 2000 as to how they mesh Disciple-making movement (DMM) strategies and life practices with megachurch growth models. And this is the perfect staff with whom to brainstorm. In the stand-up meeting we just did, we had the Lead Pastor, the Executive Pastor, the Global Outreach Pastor, and the Discipleship Pastor all thinking at 90 miles per hour how to mesh their areas. The entire church staff is going through a Zume intensive together. First, if you haven’t explored Zume, see it now at…


Second, think with me about all the implications. How do we introduce three-thirds groups (discovery Bible studies) into life groups? This church has about 48 life groups already formed. What should we ask those groups to do with DBS ideas? And will some people stay in a life group while they begin new DBS groups with non-believers? And what should the lead pastor’s sermon series be during the 9 weeks that the entire church does Zume together? How will young people be involved? What’s the worship team’s role? How does this impact the “community center” idea that the church is using effectively? And — I can’t wait to figure out how the church becomes a catalyst for GLOBAL outreach. Wow — there are so many questions. This is a fun time. And a fun job.

If you haven’t gone through a 9-week Zume course, please run, don’t walk, to start one today. And — if you have any case studies or ideas, please click comment below the web or app version of this item. Thanks in advance for your help.