Outside scrutiny validates the team assessment tool known as PATH. The Periodic Assessment of Team Health (PATH) assesses teams based on 7 domains: Team Commitment, Diversity, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Decision Process, and Trust & Openness. PATH was analyzed using Crombach’s alpha, the preferred scale reliability test. (Internal reliability means internal scale consistency.) A reliability score of .70 or above is interpreted as a high internal scale consistency. PATH passed. See examples of PATH profile results here…


by scrolling down and clicking on the sample tests.

How is it that, if we Google this (before today, anyway), there are literally only *3* results. (We used search terms, “PATH” then put in the quoted name of the test — “Periodic Assessment of Team Health”) Does this mean that, starting today, there will be *four* results (once Google picks up on Brigada’s entry?)??? How has this thing remained so silent? Seems like every agency and church in the *world* would want to use this profile. Sonny’s biggest challenge will be, “How do I have the time to keep teaching in the classroom when mission teams and churches all over the world are wanting me to come profile and help their teams?”