Month: October 2017

Equipping Local Churches for Missionary Care

God powerfully designs local churches to care for missionaries. But how can churches learn to do that well? Check out the International Conference on Missions on November 16-19 in Peoria, IL. Attend six different workshops...

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Parables from Nature

We love these. Of course, they’d work great in a youth ministry. But the thing is, nobody gets weary of stories. (If you don’t believe us, just take a look at the teachings of Jesus.) Check these out — and try...

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New Programs on Buenas Nuevas Radio

Looking for interactive Christian radio programs in Spanish? Perhaps your quest is realized: PROGRAMACIÓN DIARIA Tenemos algo importante que recordarte!recuerda, acelerando juntos el evangelismo globalDALE CLICK Y ENTERATE!...

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TESOL Training in Asia

Now you can get TESOL training designed for those in ministry set at a ministry budget. Asean Center for TESOL offers an intensive, five-week course leading to a TESOL certificate in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Get classes, community...

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Still Lost in the Wonder of Matthew 9:35-38

If we were to pray, as Jesus instructed in Matthew 9:35-38, with all our hearts, in full faith, would God really raise up the harvesters about whom we’re dreaming? Would a generation respond? Would a new wave of workers...

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This Headline Still Bothers Me:

Have you seen the latest tagline from yet another church pushing its online web experience? “Don’t go to church; let church come to you.” Something still bothers me about this line of thinking. Can you guess my...

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The Last Bit: How Much Would You Risk to Rescue?

That’s a question we all have to ask ourselves. For example, would you risk this much? If you are the type with that kind of bravado, then we give...

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