Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion
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In this issue…
1) Want to Help Cross-Cultural Workers Better Care for Each Other?
2) The Culture Test: It might help you Sort out Life
3) Heart of Man Chart
4) Could Your Ministry Use Free Resources In Swahili Or Spanish?
5) Missionary Furlough Vehicles
6) Learn how to Share the Gospel Through Agriculture
7) Now, Get Help from Above in Building your Scripture app
8) Gravity Scan Will Analyze Your Web Page for Vulnerabilities
9) Suppose you Wanted to Learn to Speak Somali
10) Poll: How Much Life Insurance Does Your Church/Org Recommend?
11) “Finishing the Task” Forms Networks to Finish the Task
12) Zume Project Has Already Launched 600 Training Groups
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The Last Bit: Finally Getting Omega Zones
15) Closing Stuff